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Floptropica: the oasis you will never want to leave. ”

Floptropica (Spanish: Floptrópica; Chinese: 弗洛岛, Pinyin: Fúluò dǎo; Donnarian: Vunahølanud; Summerian: Vunahølanot; Flopa: Flæpland), officially The United Queendom of Floptropica and Other Governed Territories, founded by the Founding Mothers, is a tropical island that is known for many positive reviews from flops and others.

The island's population is diverse and welcomes all respectable and good individuals that its society stands for. The country's capital is Floptopia, where most of the governmental sites are located as well as the presidential palace, its backup capital, and largest city, Jilu, offering visitors a unique experience of luxury and relaxation.

The island's lush tropical vegetation is home to a myriad of exotic wildlife, catering to the needs of nature lovers. The island offers world-class accommodations, including plush villas, luxurious spa facilities, and gourmet restaurants.

Tourists have a wide range of leisure activities to choose from, including snorkelling, windsurfing, jet skiing, and other water sports. Floptropica's stunning scenery, abundant leisure opportunities, and warm hospitality create an unparalleled getaway for those seeking to unwind and recharge.

Passport (outside)

This is the latest design of the Floptropican passport, available to order on Etsy.

Floptropica is a country open to immigrants and new citizens every day, you can apply for citizenship and get an online passport on the official website of Floptropica. You can also now get your custom passport shipped to you by the seller InkchantedTreasures on Etsy. It is customized by @floptropicapassports on TikTok, and finalized by the seller.

There are many places in the world where celebrities choose to reside, but one of the most well-known places is Floptropica. It's a place where many A-list celebrities own multi-million dollar mansions with stunning views, sprawling lawns, and high-security gates to ensure their privacy.

The streets of Floptropica are lined with high-end boutiques, trendy restaurants, and chic coffee shops where celebrities can be spotted grabbing a latte or shopping for the latest fashions. The warm climate, blue skies, and swaying palm trees make it an idyllic location to call home for many stars of the entertainment industry.

Another main tourist attraction is Jiafei Plaza. Jiafei Plaza sponsors the estonishing, slaying products of Jiafei all over for an expansion of Disneyland’s entire length as of the early summer of 2023. Jiafei Plaza is known for also hosting concerts and meet-and-greets with Jiafei included or being the star of.

The plaza was first formed in the middle of May by a currently anonymous user who spread the info about it on a Wattpad. After looking far and out, they finally discovered it was a male representative of the Flops who went by pfannkuchen, applecapple or blue. He was a former DaBoyzian before leaving due to absolute disgust of the community. Our researchers understood after having a thorough conversation with him about Jiafei Plaza. Now, he works with the Floptropican Tourism Industry to make a tourist’s guide including his concept. Look at the Floptropican Interactive Map here.

Floptropican History

Main Page: Floptropican History (Updated)

Floptropica was found in 1629 by the Founding Mothers, and the first Native Floptropicans have lived here since ~2200 B.C.E.. The natives did and still do live in harmony with the descendants of the Founding Mothers Colony. Though all land is considered Floptropican, the constitution states that all land belongs solely to the Native Floptropicans and that no Native Floptropican shall be forced off of land or kicked out of Floptropica by any person, entity or government power.

The land is ruled under the power of the Floptropican government but belongs to the Native Floptropicans. Native Floptropicans are also granted land upon turning 18, subsidized by the government, free of charge.

Floptropica experienced problems with The Daboyzian Empire, including gendered taxes (e.g. +0 for ‘male’ products such as basketballs and PlayStation 0s, +100 for ‘female’ products such as nail polish and heels) and gender discrimination. In 1665, the First Badussy War started because DaBoyzz started to be discriminate against native floptropicans.

Since Queen Jiafei II didn't tolerate racism, she decided to insult the The Daboyzian Empire's king - Kanye West. Kanye's big ego didn't accept some facts and decided to attack one of Floptropica's biggest cities - New Barbados. Since then, the biggest war in Floptropican history had officially started. To see more about Floptropica's rich History, go to Floptropican History (Updated).

After four years since the first attack, Queen Jiafei 2nd died because of an attack on her castle, when her sister - Xjiemomo IV - took over the war and started to be really aggressive towards Floptropica's side. Because of it, Daboyz Empire's population lowered from 400,000 people to about 100,000. Queen Xjiemomo also made Floptropica the richest country at the time. But it wasn't over: the war kept going.

In reality, Floptropica is a portmanteau of "flop" and "Poptropica" and was founded in early 2021 when @copyrightclaimact commented on a video urging the Flops and Potaxies to raise money to buy and island located within the surroundings of Chile. Since then, the flops agreed upon that name. After a hefty battle with Lady Gaga for the island, the flops won and claimed Floptropica under what is now referred to as the The Treaty of New Babylon.

DaBoyz and the Flops have been to war many times as they have called Flops “cringe” and “mid”, even though DaBoyz are most likely racist, homophobic, sexist, ableist and others, unlike the Flops.

Floptropican-Daboyz History

The Daboyz and Floptropican history is incredibly complex. It is rumored that Daboyzzians came from Floptropica. They were once floptropicans like us, Until a figure known as Andrew Tate started a "Daboyzzian Revolt" The daboyzzians were already insecure but Andrew validated it. He promised them money and how to be a "Alpha Male" which only General Daboyz have accomplished. He said its ok to beat your wives, and he has been jailed in Floptropica once in 1899 BCE.

With almost 4000 years away from floptropica, DABOYZ were ready to invade. Screaming "UNFUNNY FLOPS" "STUPID BLUD" as they fired nukes and missles on Kristine Jenster Square, The PINK HOUSE, the whole district of C.V.M. No one knows Andrew's Motives, or why he did it.

Floptropica's Public Scandals and the assassination of General James Charles

After the aftermath of the 1900s and through the 1950s, Floptropica experienced a tumultuous period marked by political scandals, notably the Agatha Nun corruption case. The nation became deeply divided, with widespread protests and riots supporting Nun's ideas. The resulting chaos led to a significant loss of treasury and resources, prompting the government to declare martial law.

By 1920, the situation had escalated, with aggressive military actions against protesters. Calls for the resignation of the president and secretary of defense intensified, and terrorist attacks nearly destroyed the capital. General James Charles emerged as the new leader after elections, but contrary to expectations, he curtailed citizen rights, abolished voting systems, and dissolved political parties. This transformation turned Floptropica from a free and prosperous society into an authoritarian state, with Charles accumulating wealth while the country suffered.

In a turning point on May 12, 1950, General James Charles was assassinated by a clandestine group called the Deborahs, dedicated to dismantling the ruling party's control. The new government gradually restored freedoms and stimulated economic growth, leading to the remarkable recovery known as the Cvm Miracle. By the 1980s, Floptropica became the world's third-largest economy, eventually rising to the top spot by the 2010s.

The State Crisis

The state crisis was when 6 new states were made before being merged back into the states they exited as voting districts. These were: Beyoncia, Chromatica, RoFlopxia, Ariania, Remixmania & Summeria. Summeria became an autonomous district, meaning it acts like a separate country, however it is still part of Floptropica. It is run by it's provincial government.

Floptropican Language

Much like the DaBoyz community, with absurd words such as ‘Ohio’, ‘blud’, etc., and annoying emojis such as ‘🤑’, ‘🥶’, ‘💀‘ and ‘🗣️’ with more and more continuing on of the following chaos, Floptropicans have also had their fair share of more interesting communication and emojis.

For a large period of time, ‘slay’ was the most popular word, and still continues to be to this day. More time passes, and Floptropicans continue to make unique, stylish slang, such as ‘ate’, ‘queen’, ‘don’t let the flop, flop,’ etc. And more expressive, stunning emojis, such as ‘🤭’, ‘💅’, ‘😍’, ‘✨’, '😓', '😭',' etc.

”Honestly, I prefer the Floptropican language more than the Da Boyz one.”, a tourist remarked. “Floptropican has lots of unique and exciting words, and express so much to them, yet all DaBoyz have are plain words that takes 5 seconds to make. Floptropica slays!!”, an anonymous floptropican says. They also practiced DaBoyz language, and went as an undercover DaBoyzian.

But this isn’t the only language that Floptropicans speak. They also speak English, Flopa, Donnarian, Summerian, Cvmbertian, Shebrew, Nickian, Potaxie and Floptropican Mandarin as their main languages, English being the most popular. With many main languages, it is indeed hard for some Flops to communicate with each other, but in the end, nearly everyone knows Flopa or English, and we’re all okay. The Flopa language was first heard in 270 BC, and is a very unique language. The government has invested 10 billion USD (200 billion Floptropican Dollars) in the education system so that children can become fluent in the language by the age of 14.


Main Page: Potaxie


Monument of Queen Jiafei the first holding an avocado to show peace with the potaxies, Jiafei Coast.

Potaxies are a group of floptropican inhabitans that mostly came from South West Europe and South America. The potaxie culture is a bit different than the average floptropican culture, and instead of Flopa, English or Chinese, Potaxienes speak Spanish and Portuguese.

Not to be confused with Potaxines, the inhabitants of Potaxiene from North Floptropica, Potaxies live mostly in the South East of Floptropica. There are regions in South East Floptropica where it is very hard for Floptropican Natives to communicate with the inhabitants of the South East Floptropican Cities, because 90% of the inhabitants are Potaxies.

In 1869, the Monument of Queen Jiafei the First was built. The Monument shows Queen Jiafei the first holding an avocado to show peace with potaxies. Queen Jiafei the First commissioned the Government of the City of Jiafei Coast to build the Monument to show inclusion and peace with the people of Potaxie.

Floptropican Music

Although Floptropicans have many diverse favorites of music, and even consider some their traditional ones that represent their island, the most popular artists are CupcakKe, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande.

Favorite genres of Floptropicans are female-led rap and pop. Most Flops consider their favorite songs to be any CupcakKe remixes, Swift and Grande songs, and Thee Stallion and B songs. The songs have been an honorable piece in Flop history and entertainment, which will all hold a slice in every Flop’s heart, especially the CupcakKe remixes. Always the remixes. K-Pop is also popular in Floptropica. Famous groups like BLACKDEEKS have held multiple concerts in cities of floptropica.

Of course, Pop and Rap aren't the only genres loved by Floptropicans. Floptropicans love all genres of music except for Political Rap, specifically Ben Shapiro songs.

Floptropica's EAS alarms

The EAS alarms used to protect Floptropica have changed for various reasons over the years. The list of Floptropica EAS alarms and their removal reasons can be found below. Keep in mind that this list only has officially documented Floptropica EAS alarms as all Flptropica EAS alarms before 1991 have unfortunately been lost and some of them only have unofficial reconstructions and not the original sounds.

1991 Floptropica EAS ALARM

This alarm was used from 1991 to 2020 and helped save many flop lives. It was later changed in 2020 because of new flops being scared to join the flop army because of the traumatic experiences this EAS alarm reminded them of.


2020 Floptropica EAS ALARM

This alarm was used from 2020 to 2023 and was quickly changed to a more effective alarm in 2023 because of the infamous 2020 FLOPTROPICA EAS tragedy where a large number of flops who lost their lives from not hearing the alarm in their sleep.


2023 Floptropica EAS ALARM

This alarm is the EAS alarm that was used from mid 2023 to early 2024 in Floptropica. It was more louder and effective in the hopes of saving more lives after the 2020 FLOPTROPICA EAS tragedy happened. It had saved a large portion of flop lives and was still being used in 2024, however the government chose to change it in April 2024.


2024 Floptropica EAS ALARM

This alarm is used currently, as the Floptropican Government decided it was a better choice for an EAS.



A papiquake happens two papitonic plates rub against each other, creating a papiquake with a magnitude of 1.2 to a 6.9.

Papiquake Alarm

In 1969, the Cvmberty Island Regional Agency Installed a Papiquake Alarm for when papiquakes are about to happen telling people to deek, cvm and slurp. Due to papiquakes being rare on the main Floptropica island and only happening on Cvmberty island,it has never been recorded.

The Papiquake of 1968

The Papiquake of 1968 destroyed the surviving area of Cvmbervs, causing great cvmmotionality.

The Deadly Papiquake of 2003

In April 20th of 2003, A Papiquake of Magnitude 6.9 Happened, Causing Devastating Damages in Cvmberty City and Almost the whole island.

Floptropican Info





2,500,000 (in steep decline. Set to reach 1,500,000 by 2025, in which it is set to rise, and estimated to stay at, 2,169,600)

Population Density

10,532 people per km² (when the population is stable at 2,169,600)


160 (including Floptropica)

Habitat Type

Tropical, rural and urban



Most Populous Settlement

  • Jilu with more than 58,600 residents.

Least Populous Settlement

  • Jia-kKia Village with 14 residents
  • Azi’ǝ̄lo Village with 1 resident (however, this isn't completely permanent so it's disputed).

Largest Settlement

Jilu and Jilu Metropolitan Area, with an area of 11 km2 .

Smallest Settlement

Jia-kKia Village, on the border of Jiafeia and CupcakKea.

Language Distribution Map

Language Map of Floptropica

Language Map of Floptropica

Official Languages (Federal Use)

English, Flopa, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Recognised Languages

See Languages of Floptropica.

Ethnic Groups

See Ethnic Groups in Floptropica


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Average
Average Temperature 15.2°C 17.1°C 20.8°C 23.4°C 30.5°C 34.7°C 36.6°C 33.9°C 31.2°C 26.3°C 22.8°C 16.9°C 25.8°C (usual)
Highest Temperature (2010) 32.4°C 33.6°C 36.9°C 37.1°C 42.7°C 51.5°C 58.9°C 53.8°C 48.2°C 52.3°C 39.5°C 30.1°C 43.0°C (heatwave)
Lowest Temperature (2023) 0.2°C 1.3°C 4.3°C 10.5°C 12.4°C 14.1°C 20.4°C 12.2°C 12.5°C 2.2°C 0.9°C -6.8°C 7.0°C (cold)
2024 0.2°C 8.9°C 10.1°C 15.3°C 18.8°C 23.6°C 25.8°C ? ? ? ? ? 24.4°C (current)

National Fruit

The lychee is the national fruit of Floptropica

National Animal

The National Animal is the Secretary Bird, renounced for its beauty and the ability to kill DaBoyz's national animal, the Ohiophagus hannaboyz, also known as the DaBoyz snake or the Daboyzian king cobra.[1][2][3] It is also known for being good friends with Sloughttopia's national bird, the white peacock.

National Color

"Floptropican Pink" (HEX #ff3dd2) is a beloved color by the Floptropicans, and used in the Flopbucks, Flopdonalds, and Kentucky Flop Chicken logos.

National Anthems

The anthem is titled “Bō Sāi Gānjìng Gīngxīn” (Mandarin for “Posei Clean and Fresh”). You can listen to the anthem here. After the Cuntry Coup, the Cuntry Chancellor Liz instated a secondary national anthem, called “Diamond Eyed Joe”, to celebrate the Floptropican Cuntryside. This would go on to be the official Cuntry song of Floptropica. You can listen to the secondary anthem here.

Lyrics of national anthem

Posei tight, posei clean

Posei fresh

Posei pretty, posei flat on fresh

Posei clean, posei fresh

Push push push posei

Posei butt, posei on the fresh

Floptropican Brands & Companies

Floptropica has a very big infrastructure and a wide range of brands and companies.







Home-Appliance Brands

  • Floptropica Home
  • Floptropica Architecture
  • Home, Bath & Gardens
  • Donna Home
  • Floptropican Electronics



TV and Film


Cosmetics & Personal Care Services



  • Cucci
  • Louis Clitton
  • Adidass
  • S&M
  • Products
  • FlopShop
  • TJ/TK Moann
  • Dickor


Private Healthcare & Cosmetic Surgery

Dining, Food, Drink & Catering




Every Floptropican Business has the opportunity to join the UNF, the United Nation of Flops, a political and economically organization between floptropican businesses, organizations and citizens, founded in December 2023.

Locations in Floptropica

Floptropica is split into 8 States, 3 Unitary Territories, 1 Protected Territory, 1 Department; States: CupcakKia, Jiafeia, C.V.M (Contour Vast Meangirlsland), Potaxiene, Floptokia, New Barbados, New Bahamas, Cvmberty Island. Unitary Territories: Floptopia, Khøre Rocks, Summeria. Protected Territory: Merflopia. Antartic Territory: Reina. Click here for more info. Floptropica also has Voting Zones. Click here for more info.

States & Unitary Territories of Floptropica

States & Territories of Floptropica!

[Interactive Map here!]


Known mainly for Jiafei Plaza and Jiafei‘s products, this state is, obviously, run by Jiafei, the vice president of the island. In honor of her products, almost every corner of every street is bathed in her commercials. Jiafeia also is a main visitor attraction for bands or music artists going out to perform. Also the home of the largest city in Floptropica, Jilu (7km2).

Cvmberty Island

An island off the coast of Jiafeia, that contains the Statue of Cvmberty. Controlled by Wendy Williams.


Run by CupcakKe. Always booming with her amazing remixes and her own songs, every street is sure to fill you with excitement— or, with horror, at the Haunted House! CupcakKia is also where the Floptropican Zoo this located, which is the home of the “SMACK MA ÆSSS” goat and attracts approximately anywhere between 34,000 and 35,000 Floptropicans every 69 days.


The only protected territory with a highest elevation of 2m on Azi’ǝ̄lo Island. It is completely inhabited by the Merflops of Floptropica.


Is a Unitary Territory that has its own separate land and near full autonomy (as stated in the Treaty of the Santiago Accords). It is composed of two reefs Greater Summeria Reef and Lesser Summeria Reef. It is one of the smallest and least populated divisions of Floptropica with a current population of only 11,358 (May 2024), all of which are located on Volcanic and Coral formed islands above the reef.

Khøre Rocks

The Khøre Rocks is a Unitary Territory composed of two islands, Khøre Island & Hyløs Island. It is also a National Park within Floptropica and has no major developments, its small population of 42 is mainly situated on the north coast of Khøre Island and on Hyløs Island due to its flat and arable terrain. The Islands are inaccessible to the public without a planned visit, and there is no airport on either of the islands as they are too small to house one, however there is an ocean airport 2km west that you can take a boat from.

  • Hyløs Bay
  • Kyøz Village
  • Bazeøz Bay
  • Karøa Bay
  • Lacraz Village
  • Methum Bay
  • Nemas Bay
  • Nirøz Bay
  • Øtrøz Village
  • Silaz Bay
  • Tiøskanøs Village
  • Vøtre Village
  • Northern Khøre Lakes
  • Cliffs of Khøre
  • Hills of Hyløs
  • Xøtizm Cove


Is a Unitary Territory controlled by C.V.M but has its own separate land. It is recognized as the governmental capital and the most populous city in Floptropica!

New Bahamas & New Barbados

Previously just New Barbados, these 2 states are home to many great places for the citizens of Floptropica.


Floptokia is a state in Floptropica. It is mostly controlled by Deborah Ali-Williams but Ranvision helps too. It is the least densely populated state. Floptokian, Spanish, Mandarin, and Potaxie Catalan are the most spoken languages. Crop-or-Flop City is the capital and largest city in Floptokia. The state election is happening August 2024.


C.V.M (Contour Vast Meangirlsland) is run by Deborah Ali-Williams. Home to the most refugees from Da Boyz, Flo from progressive has a mansion that is hidden underground by Ranpapi City. Also home to the worlds largest fertility clinic, and home to the world's largest sex toy factory, which is how Floptropica makes their money from trading. If you visit C.V.M on October 3rd, they will have a festival held in South Ranpapi City. It's called "La Méan Gírls" where they wear pink and mouse ears and have a parade held by the Cvmpark. Located in the heart of C.V.M is the world's largest BDSM company called BDSM-Thingz. Currently it is ran by Sophie Anderson and Rebecca Moore, though the two original owners remain anonymous. BDSM-Thingz is a high end BDSM dungeon and corporation which makes millions a year providing sexual services. The dungeons spread throughout the island of Floptropica and have entrances throughout the Island with the main hub situated in C.V.M.


Potaxiene, also spelt as 'Potaxine', is a state in the north east of Floptropica along the east coast.


Reina is the antartic territory of Floptropica that has two stations.

  • Deborah Dunn Station
  • Eden Jia Station


  • Floptropica was made when Élisabeth of France was born. Her birthday is May 3rd, 1764, which is the same exact year— you guessed it— Floptropica was born!
  • Floptropica is known for its vast selection and varieties of fashionable clothing, and also produces the most heels each year. (69 billion per year)
  • Floptropica's national sport is Weavesnatching, also known as Webenschnappen. It was named by Nicoleussy in 1569.
  • Floptropica is home to 160 Islands! For a list, [click here].


The Internet in Floptropica is very large. The floptropican internet is 69 % more advanced than the internet in america or korea. With one click can you get everything you want. The Top-Level-Domain of Floptropica is .cvm (it also uses others like .fl or .jilu), but also TLDs like .com or .net work in the floptropican internet. To find out more, click here!

Search Engines

  1. Gulpgle
  2. Donna Search
  3. FlopCare Search
  4. Yaughoo!
  5. Baughng
  6. Yandussy
  7. Beideek
  8. DuckDuckGoose
  9. TrishaFox

Most visited domains

  1. cupcakke.cvm
  2. queenjiafeiairport.jilu
  3. yaur.cvm
  4. fbc.cvm
  5. floptube.cvm
  6. jiafeiproducts.cvm
  7. search.flopcare.com
  8. donnasearch.co.summer
  9. jiafeitech.shop
  10. allpeoplesfuneralhome.cvm
  11. floptropica.cvm/floptropica.com
  12. floptok.cvm
  13. flopstagram.cvm
  14. visitfloptropica.fl